Call for Abstracts

Invitation for abstract submission

AIWW invites researchers, organisations, project managers, innovators, implementers, city governments, agricultural experts and water utilities to submit an abstract of their work within the 3 sub-thematic categories. The topic should be relevant for cities, industries, utilities and agriculture-food sector (either one or multi-sectoral interests are also welcome).


Clean water and ecosystem restoration

    1. Ecosystem balance & restoring natural processes and water cycle
    2. Nature-based solutions & green-blue integrated infrastructural solutions

Reuse, Recover and Recycle

  1. Reclaim and Reuse of wastewater
  2. Safe Resource recovery
  3. Central versus local/ decentralized solutions for drinking water production & wastewater treatment
  4. Water for Food: water reuse & water efficiency

Risks and Resilience

  1. Adaptive & resilient design of water infrastructure: water quality, flooding and drought
  2. Early warning systems for high disaster-risk prone regions & availability of data
  3. Financial systems to strengthen dealing with risk preparedness
Process of submission

Abstracts of not more than 500 words, highlighting 5 key words should be sent along with the completed and signed consent form in a single document. The abstracts should use the subject line ‘Abstract submission under sub-theme topic  <1/2/3>’.

The language of communication is English.

Abstract Submission and Consent form

The email should also ensure the following:

  • The selected sub-theme should be clearly mentioned.
  • The title should be clear and must cover the contents of the abstract.
  • Indicate the gap addressed and shed light on the challenges focussed through
  • the project/research/innovation.
  • Affiliation of all the authors with clear contact information of the presenter.
  • Please note that one author can send maximum 1 entry in the form of abstracts.

This compilation of documents should be emailed to for its review by the programme and scientific committee.

Please note that no other queries should be sent to this address and should be only used to submit abstracts.

The deadline to send in the abstract is August 20th, 2021 before 17.00 hrs CET.

Selected applicants will be informed before September 10th, 2021 if their proposal is accepted for an oral presentation or a poster in the main event outlining the date and time of the presentation.

What happens after the abstract is submitted?
  1. Each abstract will be categorised into sub-thematic focus and sent to experienced panelists in the scientific committee of AIWW as presented in appendix 2 at the end of document.
  2. Selected participants will be informed before September 10th, 2021.
  3. AIWW Conference 2021 has both online and physical events. Each of the selected abstract will be accepted to present their work through oral presentation (10 minutes each) or a poster presentation (10 minutes each) followed by an interactive discussion between attendees and presenter.
  4. The abstract presentation will be done in Innovation and Research sessions (I&R session) as per the following:
    1.  Online I&R session- November 1st and 2nd, 2021: Selected abstracts under each sub-thematic category will be presented through oral or poster presentation.
    2.  Physical I&R session- November 3rd (Sub-theme 1 -Clean Water and Ecosystem restoration), November 4th (Sub-theme 2- Reuse, Recycle and Recover) and November 5th (Subtheme 3- Risks and Resilience).
  5. After the end of the AIWW Conference 2021, the poster, power-point slides and/or recording of presentation delivered by the author; will be put for further dissemination on AIWW’s website. More information will be communicated on this later. Stay updated here.
  6. AIWW will present abstracts and information of the author(s) online (website, etc) and in program AIWW 2021

Feel free to contact us!

For further information, write to us at:

For partnership: Kees van der Lugt
For media and sponsorship: Monique Bekkenutte