Accelerating Dutch Water Technology Export

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Along the lines of several positive business cases, we will be discussing innovative future proof decentralized solutions where Dutch Water Sector has been working on local challenges in the United Kingdom (UK) and Spain.

One business case will focus on improving surface water quality in the UK in a very effective and low-cost way combined with continues water quality monitoring and therefore very efficient. The other business cases will discuss decentralized waste water treatment in Spain which leads to huge increase in availability of irrigation water.

This session is aimed for anyone working on or interested in utilities, regional water boards, water technology industry, industry (water users).


The case in Spain concerns the decentralized solution that Bluecon has focused on purifying wastewater through an innovative process without the aid of bacteria so that it can be discharged directly into surface water, or used directly for irrigation. In Spain there is a structural shortage of water for irrigation and at the same time only 13 percent of the waste water is reused. The solution is particularly suitable for smaller industrial and communal applications (agglomerations of up to 10,000 inhabitants). This solution fills an important niche in the water scarce Spain’


Case LG Sonic:

Until now, water treatment has been focusing on in-plant treatment strategies, taking the quality of the intake water as a given and designing the treatment process based on this. As a result, the capacity and design of a water treatment plant needs to be upgraded as water resources deteriorate due to climate change and environmental degradation. In a holistic approach towards water treatment, the raw water reservoir or source is treated as part of the water treatment plant, which results in that water with a more stable water quality enters the treatment process in the plant. Through the installation of their MPC-Buoy, LG Sonic has been able to monitor water quality and treat the water against (harmful) algal blooms before the treatment process, resulting in raw water with lower levels of TSS, pH, BOD, Toxins and potential taste -and odour molecules. This webinar will focus on their application of the MPC-Buoy at South East Water in the United Kingdom.

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Steven van Rossum chose after his study Social Geography in Utrecht, entrepreneurial freedom and worked for various commercial and public organizations as an interim manager. In 2007 he joined Waternet as an interim manager. In 2014 he joined the board of Directors of Waternet as Programme director, and in 2016 he became CEO of World Waternet. World Waternet is a non-profit organization, dedicated to improving sustainable access to clean, sufficient and safe water for all. In 2020 Steven van Rossum chose to be active as an interim-manager again and was asked by the Ministry of Economic affairs and the Topsector Water & Maritime to develop a strategy to enlarge the export of the Dutch Water technology sector. This resulted in the programme called WTEX10 – Accelerating Dutch Water Technology Export which is currently being executed under his supervision together with the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) and Water Alliance. In 2021 he was appointed as Chair of the steering committee of the YEP programme, The main goal of the programme is to offer young Dutch professionals the opportunity to gain experience abroad and to offer young local professionals the opportunity to gain experience with working in the field of Water, Agrofood and renewable Energy in an international environment through Dutch organisations.
Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of LG Sonic
LG Sonic
Lisa Maria Brand is the Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of LG Sonic. This innovative, Dutch company develops technologies to monitor and control algal blooms on large scale. In the last years, they have grown to a global company with projects in 55 countries worldwide. They work with drinking water utilities, governments and (nuclear) power plants, to remediate large lakes and reservoirs without the use of chemicals. Lisa Brand is a microbiologist with years of experience in the field of water quality. For the last 12 years, she has studied algal blooms in lakes worldwide and focused on developing solutions to remediate their toxic effects in our environment. Lisa is an experienced project manager, she has coordinated and collaborated on various national and European research projects that involve freshwater quality analysis and improvement measures. Lisa played a key role in the development of MPC-Buoy and MPC-NanoBubble, technologies that received BlueTech Research Award 2019 “Best Technology Innovation”, Aquatech LATAM Award 2019 and Aquatech Innovation Award 2019., among the others.
Co-founder and director of Bluecon International bv.
Bluecon International bv.
Jaap Stuiver, 58 years, is the co-founder and director of Bluecon International bv. Bluecon was founded in 2016 and has developed a revolutionary decentralized wastewater treatment solution for villages and small towns. This unique technology, built in a 40ft container, purifies the wastewater 24/7 and makes it suitable for reuse for irrigation and industrial use. Jaap Stuiver has completed a study in Land and Water Management and has a degree in Master and Business Administration. Before the establishment of Bluecon, Jaap Stuiver was responsible in a number of management positions in the concrete industry, with the emphasis mainly on grow, innovation and making the products more sustainable
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