Water and Agrifood: Global challenges and local solutions

Global challenges and local solutions

Case studies from a variety of Asian countries on water, food and ecosystems with an additional focus on inclusion and stakeholder engagement in water management. Examples may include topics such as dealing with salinity, flood-based systems, improving water quality and efficiency for agri use, or water storage systems.

This session would be of particular interest for Dutch/international and Asian water and agri professionals working on or interested in these themes, e.g. governments (country, region, local), authorities, farmer associations, industrial end users, consultants, technology providers.

Director for Strategic Business Development in Africa and Asia
More than 25 years experience within strategic partnershis with key stakeholders such as governments, International organistaions, International NGOs, development policy, project financing and investment in developing countries with focus in Africa and Asia. Exploring business opportunities and impact in relation to SDGs (SDG6,SDG13,SDG17,SDG1) and trade and development discussions. Specialised in dialogue, negotitaion and building complex , long term and strategic partnerships in multi-cultral settings with private and public sector, with International NGOs, Governemnts, International Financial Institutions, Multi and bilateral donors in developing countries as well as the HQ level.
Head of the PMC (Product Market Combination or Business Unit) Watermanagement
Witteveen+Bos based in Netherlands.
Specialist Saline Agriculture
After more than ten years of experience in the field of crop salt tolerance, and the practical implementation of saline agriculture, it is my goal to help farmers world wide to increase their yields under saline conditions. Through our extensive international experience, I now know what is needed to get the right knowledge in the hands of those who need it most: the farmers. By appropriate training and demonstration programs, we can adapt to climate change and make use of vast saline resources currently being completely overlooked! As a member of the FAO WASAG and GACSA working groups we continue to improve yields under saline conditions, necessary for a climate proof futures.
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    November 2, 2021 8:30 am
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    November 2, 2021 9:45 am
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