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Adding Dutch Blue to Green Agenda for Western Balkans

Balkan cities often share similar challenges related to sustainable water management. Regional Dutch Embassies and Dutch Enterprise Agency RVO identified two themes of interest for the Dutch water sector: flood risk management & wastewater management.

To assist further developments, Netherlands Water Partnership – NWP – initiated the Blue-Green City Dialogues, an online platform for linking the local governments of Western Balkan cities eager to implement sustainable water management initiatives & Dutch organizations with matching expertise.

During this session we will discuss the Blue-Green City Dialogues approach, talk about concrete case studies in Balkans, present project funding possibilities unlocked by Green Agenda, and invite more cities from the region to join NWP’s initiative.

This session is recommended for Dutch and international water organizations with affinity for the Balkan region. Also, for regional city administrations and Governmental organizations looking for ways to create opportunities and develop projects within the framework of the existing European policy.

Event Details
Senior Consultant
Carnegie Consult
Sascha is a senior consultant at Carnegie Consult, a development finance consultancy boutique in Maarssen, the Netherlands. She has worked in (development) finance for over 10 years in various positions. Sascha started her career as part of the impact investing team of Actiam (formerly SNS Asset Management) and worked for a pan-Asian microfinance group in Indonesia. Before joining Carnegie Consult she was part of the fund-of-funds team at Triple Jump, doing fund investments in emerging- and frontier markets for a public mandate - the Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF). At Carnegie, Sascha worked on various assignments in the field of development finance and debt advisory.
Senior consultant rivers and river management
Job is a flood risk management consultant at HKV, a consultancy firm and knowledge entrepreneur in water and safety founded in 1995. He has been working on flood related projects for 22 years. Since 2003 he is mainly working on flood risk management studies in international settings. The flood risk management projects Job is working on targets development of early warning systems and flood risk assessment in urban, coastal and riverine areas. Detailed and complex flood and damage models are used to simulate flood hazards, damage and risks and the effect of mitigation measures in changing environments (like urbanization and climate change).
Founding partner of CITYFÖRSTER architecture + urbanism
Martin is a founding partner of CITYFÖRSTER architecture + urbanism and managing partner of the office in Rotterdam. Martin is responsible for strategic location development and international projects. He specializes in architecture and urban design with a socio-economic impact – in the Netherlands, Southeast Europe, and Southeast Asia, but also in emerging economies.
Professor of Sanitary Engineering
IHE Delft
Dr. Damir Brdjanovic is Professor of Sanitary Engineering at IHE Delft Institute for Water Education, Endowed Professor at Delft University of Technology and Honorary Professor at Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building. Areas of his expertise include city-wide inclusive sanitation, non-sewered sanitation and faecal sludge management, and urban drainage and wastewater treatment. He is a pioneer in the practical application of models in wastewater treatment practice in developing countries. He is co-inventor of DEMOS©: Digital Epidemic Observatory and Management System, and of the Shit Killer® device for excreta management in emergencies, the award-winning eSOS® Smart Toilet and the medical toilet MEDiLOO®. He has initiated the development and implementation of innovative didactic approaches and novel educational products (including e-learning) at IHE Delft. Brdjanovic is co-founder and director of the Global Sanitation Graduate School and co-founder of Global Partnership of Laboratories for Faecal Sludge Analysis. During the last decade he was instrumental in acquiring in excess of 30 million USD grants, primarily from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and European Commission. In addition to dozen of PhD students, in excess of 150 MSc students have graduated under his supervision so far. Prof. Brdjanovic has a sound publication record, including publications in Science and Nature, is co-initiator of the IWA Journal of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Development, and is the initiator, author and editor of nine books in the sanitation field. In 2015 he became an IWA Fellow, in 2018 received the IWA Publishing Award, and in 2019 IWA Water and Development Research Award 2019 Runner Up.
Senior Policy Advisor
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Tirana, Albania
Dr. Aida Lahi is the Senior Economic Advisor at the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Tirana, Albania. Her main role at the embassy is to strengthen the ties between the private sector and knowledge institutions of both countries. She is also engaged in promoting economic diplomacy priority themes, including water. Mrs. Lahi holds a Master in Business and Administration and a PhD in International Business. In addition to her primary job function at the Dutch Embassy, she is also a Lecturer at the Polytechnic University of Tirana. Mrs. Lahi speaks fluent English, Italian and German and in the efforts to improve her French and Dutch.
Advisor Multilateral Development Banks at Netherlands Enterprise Agency
Project manager
Darja Kragić Kok is a project manager at Netherlands Water Partnership. She is passionate about sustainability and has worked on different aspects of water management by implementing participatory approaches for technology selection, resource recovery and closing cycles. Next to working in European context, Darja has experience with projects in South-East Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa and Middle East.
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