David Nobles

Dave Noble has worked as PR and Communications Director at Bluewater since 2014. Now also Bluewater Head of Events, Dave has over four decades of experience in the international communications business as a PR professional and journalist. A father of three and deliriously happy grandfather to five, Dave is deeply passionate about protecting our planet environment and encouraging greater public awareness of key issues relating to human and planetary wellbeing, including water and air health as well as disarmament. As a journalist from 1965 until 1980, Dave was published by many of the world’s leading newspapers and broadcasters, including the BBC, The Guardian, International Herald Tribune, and The Observer. As an author, he has written, published and contributed to a number of books, including ’A Book about Volvo´ (1985), ’The War & Peace Book’ (1976), and ’The Swedish Challenge for the Americas Cup’ (1978). Since 1982 as a public relations and brand communications consultant, Dave has partnered clients such as Blueair, AB Volvo, Electrolux, SAS, Renault, ABB, SKF, and many other others.

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