Speaker Listing 6

Director of International Relations and Cooperation
Willemien van Asselt is Director of International Relations and Cooperation at the Topsector Agri&Food – one of the 9 Topsectors of the Netherlands. In her capacity - Willemien set up a new international strategy – based on the Dutch Public private driven Knowledge and innovation agenda for Agriculture, Water and Food. (www.kialandbouwwatervoedsel.nl). She is a member of the World Economic Forum Food innovation Hubs Ambassadors group. She also part of the Biobased Battle Jury for AVANS university of Applied Research
Senior Researcher
Adriaan Antonis is senior researcher at Wageningen Bioveterinary Research. With his research he wants to contribute to the transition to a more sustainable food system and in his research he focuses on possible risks to animal and human health. Adriaan was trained as a veterinarian at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Utrecht (the Netherlands), has been working for Wageningen Research since 2000. He enjoys complex system challenges.
Executive Director
With more than 25 years of experience as policy maker for the Netherland’s government, Martin has worked in several policy domains, including environmental policy, nature policy, international biodiversity policy and green growth policy. Currently, Martin is the Executive Director and member of the Management Board of the Capitals Coalition, a global collaboration redefining value to transform decision-making.
Private Business Developer
Jan spent his career in the agricultural sector, producing feed for livestock and developing knowledge for feed production. In the last years, as a privat business developer from de World Biobased Center Zevenellen, he wants to create a circular Biobased Economy connected to the regional foodproduction, processing and valuation, positioned as a showcase from our Limburgse technologie and craftsmanship for a sustainable foodproduction over de whole world.
Stuart Reigeluth is Founder of REVOLVE. He holds an MBA (2015) from the Solvay-Ponts business school (Brussels-Paris) and a MA (2005) in Arab and Middle East Studies from the American University of Beirut, Lebanon. He has contributed to numerous media outlets, including Foreign Policy, El Pais, El Mundo, al-Hayat, European Voice, EURACTIV, Gulf News, The Daily Star, and al-Ahram Weekly.
Water Research and Innovation Manager
Water Research and Innovation Manager for the Water sector at NEOM (Saudi Arabia) where she is responsible for global business development.
Executive Coordinator and Innovative Manager
Highly educated engineer with a multi-disciplinary background, greatly selfmotivated for sustainable and circular economy solution in the water sector. Dimitris designed the innovative evaporator system within his PhD and originated the follow-up EU projects that have led to its commercialization. Currently he is serving as Executive Project Coordinator at the WATER-MINING project, through his position as Senior Scientific Coordinator at TU Delft.
Professor and Vice-President
Chrysi Laspidou is a Professor at the Civil Engineering Department, University of Thessaly in Greece. Her research interests include resource Nexus and water informatics, mathematical modeling and simulation of physical-chemical and biological processes that take place in natural aquatic systems and other ecosystems, as well as urban water issues, resource depletion and sustainability, virtual water and water-carbon-ecological footprint. She has conducted research in many different aspects of water, from performing mathematical modeling of aquatic system processes to computational biology relevant to ecosystem function, to the socio-economic aspects of water use and water resource management. She is involved in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) projects that are mainly on innovative multisensors and/or biosensors, smart urban water management, smart cities and ICT for improving ecosystem function and quality. She has recently been elected the Vice-President of Research and Technology at Water Europe, while she is also a member of the Steering Committee of the Water-Energy-Food Nexus Knowledge Action Network at Future Earth. She has published over 60 articles in scientific journals and conference proceedings and is actively involved either as a Principal Investigator, or as a Coordinator in research projects funded by the European Commission, or national sources.
Head of
Bas Reedijk has 33 years of experience in design of marine structures and is Head of DMC’s Coastal engineering and Water Management department. Bas innovates by combining out-of-the-box-thinking with a practical hand-on mentality. He is the inventor of the original Xbloc and was involved in multiple innovations such as the BoxBarrier and Xstream. Bas won the Dutch Engineer of the Year 2020 award as a recognition for the many creative and innovative solutions he has generated.
Executive Coordinator of the ZERO BRINE project, and Manager of the Hydraulic Structures & Flood Risk section
Smart Water Strategy Manager
Currently working as Smart Water Strategy Manager for Anglian Water. I have the privilege of leading a team of high performing subject matter experts focused on the development of Smart Water Systems, driving innovation and digital transformation within the business to meet the challenges facing the water sector.
Policy Advisor, Wastewater, Aa en Maas
Maarten Nederlof has a PhD in Environmental Sciences at Wageningen Agricultural University in The Netherlands. He has been active in de water sector for more than 25 years now. He worked as a scientist on water technology at the KWR watercycle research institute, and at Wetsus (European centre of excellence for sustainable water terchnology). He worked as a process engineer for Vitens (the largest drinking water company in he Netherlands) and at present for 6 years now at Waterboard Aa en Maas. His main focus is on the improvement of effluent water quality of waste water treatment plants. Especially regarding nutrients and organic micropollutants, such as pharmaceuticals. He is programme manager of the National Implementation Programme fort he removal of pharmaceuticals out of WWTP effluent.