Bas Bruning
Specialist Saline Agriculture
After more than ten years of experience in the field of crop salt tolerance, and the practical implementation of saline agriculture, it is my goal to help farmers world wide to increase their yields under saline conditions. Through our extensive international experience, I now know what is needed to get the right knowledge in the hands of those who need it most: the farmers. By appropriate training and demonstration programs, we can adapt to climate change and make use of vast saline resources currently being completely overlooked! As a member of the FAO WASAG and GACSA working groups we continue to improve yields under saline conditions, necessary for a climate proof futures.
Katherine Hagemann
Temporary University Project Specialist
Hagemann articulated the strategic approach to protecting and adapting vulnerable communities along Connecticut’s coast and inland waterways to rising sea levels and other climate hazards. Grant writer for the National Disaster Resilience Competition. Supporting the coordination of the inter-agency group State Agencies Fostering Resilience

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