Eleanor Treadwell
Project Leader for the Water Operator Partnership with ANGESEM
Eleanor is a Project Leader for the Water Operator Partnership with ANGESEM, the Malian wastewater company. Alongside this role, Eleanor works with World Waternet's projects in West Africa. Her pipedream is for get the right people to get connected and motivated to make sustainable water management reality. Originating from the UK, Eleanor completed her Physical Geography degree at University of Exeter's Cornwall campus. Here, water is an integral part of life, from surfing between classes or early morning swimming. This was also the time that she fully recognised the importance of responsible wastewater management for both environmental and human health. Upon graduating, she approached water from multiple cultural and sectoral perspectives, but the red thread connecting them all was a passion for bringing together different views to achieve collaborative and sustainable solutions. Eleanor joined the World Waternet after studying at VU University in Amsterdam, because where else would you go to study water management? Now, through World Waternet's local partners, she is able to collaborate and develop ideas on a daily basis, and takes great pride working in the Dutch water sector.

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