Stuart Orr
Leader of WWF's Freshwater Practice
Stuart Orr is the Leader of WWF’s Freshwater Practice at World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). He has spent his career devising and testing innovative approaches to freshwater conservation by engaging business and finance, and focussing on emerging themes such as the water-food-energy nexus, economic incentives, bankable financing and water-related risk. He has written numerous scientific papers and publications on issues ranging from corporate water governance to fish protein. He serves on a number of advisory councils and non-profit boards as well as supporting conservation projects in over 40 countries. Stuart holds an MSc in Environment and Development from the School of International Development at the University of East Anglia, UK.
Irene Wittmer
Head of the Water Quality Platform
2001-2006 I studied environmental science at ETH Zürich 2006-2011 : PhD: Influenc of agricultural pesticide and urban biocide use on load dynamics in surface watesr (eawag, aquatic research Institute / ETH) 2011-2015: Project work: Development of a method for diffuse micoropollutant inputs to surface waters Since 2015: leader of the platform waterquality (www.waterquality.ch)