Hans-Ulrich Buchholz
Environmental Compliance Water / Waste Water Biodiversity Quality &EHS
Hans-Ulrich Buchholz is an expert in Environmental Protection, with a focus on waste water, water resources, and biodiversity, working at L’Oréal corporate QEHS (Quality, Environment, Health and Safety) department of Operations. His scope is water and waste water management of L’Oréal’s Operations worldwide in order to evaluate and to reduce the impact of the industrial activities, especially on local water resources and biodiversity. He is focused on the development of strategies and projects that are combining business, economic and environmental protection in a holistic manner. Hans-Ulrich Buchholz started his +25 year career with engineering and international project management of water treatment for municipalities and industry. This was followed by key account responsibility for commercial and technical development and the lead of environmental projects in the sector of the Pulp & Paper/ chemical industry, within the SUEZ group.