Dayna Linley-Jones
Director, Engagement Services
Dayna Linley-Jones is a Stewardship Services Director at Sustainalytics. Since 2008, she has had various roles at Sustainalytics, a provider of high-quality, analytical environmental, social and governance (ESG) research, ratings and data to institutional investors and companies. She currently leads the Localized Water Management thematic engagement where she dialogues with corporates operating in a shared water basin, on behalf of investors. In her previous roles, she was responsible for overseeing ESG ratings research, ensuring quality assurance and conducting best-of-sector analysis. In 2012 and 2013, Dayna was named best Environmental and Social Analyst in the Independent Research in Responsible Investment (IRRI) Survey.​ Her previous experience spans corporate policy writing, environmental auditing and hydrogeology-focused consulting.
Peter Díez
Director for International Affairs
Peter Díez is Director for International Affairs at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. His portfolio covers the full range of international policies within the ministry. Besides climate and climate change, environmental and spatial planning policies, the mandate of the ministry encompasses all water and transport issues.
Ivo Demmers
Ivo Demmers is director of the corporate Research Programme on Food Security and Valuing Water of Wageningen University & Research (WUR).Previously, he was Programme Leader for the Sustainable Water Management programme within the Environmental Science Group of WUR. Before joining WUR in 2014 he held senior management positions in the private and non-governmental sector. He has experience in working in several capacities in the Netherlands, Africa, (eastern) Europe, Asia and the United States.
Willemien van Asselt
Director of International Relations and Cooperation
Willemien van Asselt is Director of International Relations and Cooperation at the Topsector Agri&Food – one of the 9 Topsectors of the Netherlands. In her capacity - Willemien set up a new international strategy – based on the Dutch Public private driven Knowledge and innovation agenda for Agriculture, Water and Food. (www.kialandbouwwatervoedsel.nl). She is a member of the World Economic Forum Food innovation Hubs Ambassadors group. She also part of the Biobased Battle Jury for AVANS university of Applied Research
Jaap Stuiver
Co-founder and director of Bluecon International bv.
Jaap Stuiver, 58 years, is the co-founder and director of Bluecon International bv. Bluecon was founded in 2016 and has developed a revolutionary decentralized wastewater treatment solution for villages and small towns. This unique technology, built in a 40ft container, purifies the wastewater 24/7 and makes it suitable for reuse for irrigation and industrial use. Jaap Stuiver has completed a study in Land and Water Management and has a degree in Master and Business Administration. Before the establishment of Bluecon, Jaap Stuiver was responsible in a number of management positions in the concrete industry, with the emphasis mainly on grow, innovation and making the products more sustainable
Alain Cracau
Director Sustainable Business Development
Alain Cracau is currently Director Sustainable Business Development Rabobank, responsible for sustainable business for the SME and mid-corporate market in the Netherlands. Alain started his career within Rabobank in 1993 in Belgium as corporate banker in Food&Agribusiness and has worked within Rabobank till 2009 in many different commercial and managerial roles servicing Food&Agri corporates. He has been involved in many corporate finance and M&A transactions in Europe. Since 2009 Alain has been developing in-depth experience in Sustainability and Banking through his roles within Triodos Bank, a niche player in Sustainable banking and FMO Developing Bank, the Dutch Multilateral bank, from 2009 to 2013. In 2013 rejoined Rabobank as Global Head Sustainable Business Development and implemented the 2020 Sustainable strategy for Rabobank, which included focus on Circular Economy.
Alex Reed
Alex Reed was appointed director of the Office of Resilience and Coastal Protection in November 2019. The office has a multi-faceted approach to resilience, including coral reef protection; preservation of coastal and aquatic management areas; beach and inlet management; and the implementation of ecosystem restoration projects to prepare Florida’s coastal communities and state-managed lands for the effects of sea level rise, coastal flooding, erosion and storms. Alex has been with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection since 2009, serving in a variety of roles and most recently as the director of the Division of Water Resource Management. Alex earned a Bachelor of Science in geology from Florida State University.
Rasoul D Mikkelsen
Director for Strategic Business Development in Africa and Asia
More than 25 years experience within strategic partnershis with key stakeholders such as governments, International organistaions, International NGOs, development policy, project financing and investment in developing countries with focus in Africa and Asia. Exploring business opportunities and impact in relation to SDGs (SDG6,SDG13,SDG17,SDG1) and trade and development discussions. Specialised in dialogue, negotitaion and building complex , long term and strategic partnerships in multi-cultral settings with private and public sector, with International NGOs, Governemnts, International Financial Institutions, Multi and bilateral donors in developing countries as well as the HQ level.
Luong Phuoc Vinh
David Nobles
PR & Communications Director, BLUE | Bluewater
Dave Noble has worked as PR and Communications Director at Bluewater since 2014. Now also Bluewater Head of Events, Dave has over four decades of experience in the international communications business as a PR professional and journalist. A father of three and deliriously happy grandfather to five, Dave is deeply passionate about protecting our planet environment and encouraging greater public awareness of key issues relating to human and planetary wellbeing, including water and air health as well as disarmament. As a journalist from 1965 until 1980, Dave was published by many of the world’s leading newspapers and broadcasters, including the BBC, The Guardian, International Herald Tribune, and The Observer. As an author, he has written, published and contributed to a number of books, including ’A Book about Volvo´ (1985), ’The War & Peace Book’ (1976), and ’The Swedish Challenge for the Americas Cup’ (1978). Since 1982 as a public relations and brand communications consultant, Dave has partnered clients such as Blueair, AB Volvo, Electrolux, SAS, Renault, ABB, SKF, and many other others.