Lisa Brand
Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of LG Sonic
Lisa Maria Brand is the Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of LG Sonic. This innovative, Dutch company develops technologies to monitor and control algal blooms on large scale. In the last years, they have grown to a global company with projects in 55 countries worldwide. They work with drinking water utilities, governments and (nuclear) power plants, to remediate large lakes and reservoirs without the use of chemicals. Lisa Brand is a microbiologist with years of experience in the field of water quality. For the last 12 years, she has studied algal blooms in lakes worldwide and focused on developing solutions to remediate their toxic effects in our environment. Lisa is an experienced project manager, she has coordinated and collaborated on various national and European research projects that involve freshwater quality analysis and improvement measures. Lisa played a key role in the development of MPC-Buoy and MPC-NanoBubble, technologies that received BlueTech Research Award 2019 “Best Technology Innovation”, Aquatech LATAM Award 2019 and Aquatech Innovation Award 2019., among the others.