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Over Waternet

Waternet is het enige waterbedrijf in Nederland dat zorgt voor de hele waterkringloop. We leveren drinkwater in Amsterdam en omgeving. En in het gebied van Waterschap Amstel Gooi en Vecht werken we aan sterke dijken en schoon water. Daarvoor betaalt u waterschapsbelasting.

Meer informatie

Zie de website van Waternet voor meer informatie.

Integrated solutions across water market sectors

Royal HaskoningDHV’s purpose is to enhance society together through our people, expertise, partnerships and innovations – and improving water cycle management has a huge role to play in this. Combining technology with nature and working in partnership with our clients allows us to co-create solutions that safeguard the quality and security of our water, reduce flood risk and resolve scarcity.

Our experts cover the entire water cycle from capture and storage, abstraction and treatment, to flood risk management and coastal protection. They combine innovative approaches and new technology with domain expertise honed over 140 years.

Blue-Green deals with integrated solutions

The theme of this year’s AIWW is focused on global greening solutions, integrated solutions and good practice, agreements and deals, collaborations and innovations. This aligns closely with our own commitments whether we are delivering projects for water utilities, industry or cities.

Our experts René Noppeney, Lennart Silvis and Nanco Dolman will be participating in the conference, presenting papers, taking part in focused round table discussions and sharing the latest innovations.

Resource recovery in water treatment

These developments include Kaumera, a new raw material that is extracted from the Nereda® wastewater treatment plants which René will discuss during a roundtable on Resource Recovery, Treatment Processes and Circular Economy on November 4 at 9.30am.

Speaking of the discussion, René Noppeney said: “Circularity and the reuse of materials produced by the treatment of wastewater is a highly relevant topic. Waste to energy and waste to products are routes that we as a sector need to explore and optimise to the benefit of our society.

“I am looking forward to sharing our learnings in new circular resources such as Kaumera.”

Water related risks in supply chain

Lennart Silvis will be participating in a round table discussion on November 4 at 9.30am, sharing insights into the boundless opportunities cloud computing and big data analytics present in helping smooth industrial supply chains.

“By moving away from the traditional approach to solving problems in supply chains, industry has the opportunity to use data tools to rapidly assess all assets and facilities at any location worldwide and zoom in on those most exposed due to historic or current data or future predictions.

“Harnessing digital tools can deliver actionable insight on risks for clients – helping them to target financial resources and expertise.”

City-to-city learning and collaboration

Cities are experiencing the impacts of climate change through water-related disasters, while the sustainable management of water resources remains crucial for urban climate resilience. Our expert Nanco Dolman will be sharing his experience of involvement with ‘early adapter’ cities focusing on climate adaptation by addressing water challenges.

Nanco is involved in two sessions: presenting findings from the Blue-Green futures collaboration on November 2 at 10:45 CET – a partnership between UK-USA-China-Netherlands focusing on multi-functional Blue-Green infrastructure.

He will also be participating in a panel discussion on 5 November at 16:00 CET “Developing pathways towards Water Sensitive Cities” – in particular discussing the experiences of CATCH – a project to demonstrate and accelerate the redesign of urban water management of midsize cities in the North Sea Region in order to deliver climate resilient cities that are sustainable, liveable and profitable on the long term.

Nanco said: “There is a recognised need for a fundamental change in how cities implement blue-green infrastructure and nature-based solutions in its urban planning to achieve resiliency to climate change and support healthy urban living.

“City-to-city learning is significant in these transnational climate networks. We hope sharing our experiences will inspire and activate more cities.”

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