Integrated Leaders Forum

During AIWW2021, the invitation-only Integrated Leaders Forum (ILF) will take place on 3rd & 4th of November in Amsterdam. The beautiful Hermitage in Amsterdam will be our host.

During the ILF, you’ll meet other leading water professionals in mixed settings. Mixing and matching helps creating integrated solutions – and improves the process of actionable problem solving. Please note: this event is invitation only. If you are interested, contact:

The Programme

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021

18:00-21:30 CET AIWW Leaders Dinner at Hermitage, Amsterdam
Welcome by Egbert de Vries (Vice Mayor of Amsterdam) and Peter Glas (Delta Programme Commissioner).

Thursday, November 4th, 2021

  • 09:00-12:45 CET Integrated Leaders Forum at Hermitage, Amsterdam
    With amongst others :• Diederik Samson (Head of Cabinet Executive Vice-President EU Commission Frans Timmermans), • Boris Ravignon, Mayor from Mairie Charleville-Mezieres ‘Mayors for drinkable rivers’ (Meuse)• Eleanor Treadwell (AIWW Future Water Leader)
  • 12:45-14:00 CET Lunch and boat tour to Aquatech
  • 14:15-16:00 CET Meet the winners in Water at Holland Pavillion
    With amongst others Marit Bouwmeester (Sailor and Olympic medal winner).
  • 16:00-18:00 CET The Future is Water Symposium
    The power of sport to make a sustainable and environmental impact, with amongst others: MarcelienBos – de Koning, Chef de Emission NOS *NSF and Lucy Hunt (Content Advisor for the The Ocean Race Summits and manages The Ocean Race’s award winning Learning programme), Richard Brisius (Race Chairman the Ocean Race), David Nobles (PR & Communications director, Blue | Bluewater), Philip Russel (Assistant director – sustainability the R&A), Iona Dobrescu (Managing director of water Footprint Implementation) and Arno van Gerven (Director Watersportverbond).
  • 18:00-19:30 CET Drinks

Registration details 

The participation fee for this ILF is €300 (ex VAT). We hope you’ll join and help us reach SDGs 2, 6, 9, 11 and 13. Please contact Monique Bekkenutte for more information.

Round table topic 01: Eternal source: spatial design follows the water system
Leading organization: Vitens

Round table topic 02: Water Industry mental Health framework (existing case-studies utilities Australia)
Leading organization: LUOW

Round table topic 03: Sanitation and Health
Leading organization: Sarphati Sanitation Award

Round table topic 04: Extending responsibilities for utilities: resource recovery
Leading organization: New York

Round table topic 05: Adaptive & resilient design of water infrastructure
Leading organization: Berlin

Round table topic 06: Blue green infrastructure
Leading organization: LUOW

Round table topic 07: Sewage Treatment plants- resource recovery: Kaumera
Leading organization: TU Delft, RHDHV


Round table topic 08: Coastal cities need for integrated solutions
Leading organization: Arcadis

Round table topic 09: Long term funding for climate adaptation investments
Leading organization: Rotterdam

Round table topic 10: Aging infrastructure and investments
Leading organization: Amsterdam

Round table topic 11: Building resilient blue economies in cities
Leading organization: OECD

Round table topic 12: Community engagement and citizen science
Leading Organization: Amsterdam

Round table topic 13: Delta-challenge
Leading organization: Topsector Water

Round table topic 14: Water safe cities
Leading organization: C40


Round table topic 15: Pollution-free rivers? Steps in the future water quality
Leading organization: Deltares

Round table topic 16: How can companies effectively manage water-related risks in their supply chains?
Leading organization: Water Footprint network

Round table topic 17: Water scarcity & reuse
Leading organization: Nijhuis Saur Industries

Round table topic 18: Roundtable on Food and Water: Towards Shared Responsibility in Cross-Sectoral Sustainable Water Management
Leading organization: Agri-food Coalition

Round table topic 19: Environmental, Social and governance (ESG) legislation and embedding it within investments for water solutions
Leading organization: Accenture

Round table topic 20: The power of sport to create sustainable impact
Leading organization: The Future is Water initiative
Question/statement: How companies can use powerful sport platforms and athletes to educate and influence how people think about water

Curious about the complete program of AIWW 2021?

View our complete overview on the Program page or click below to see it directly.