Information for Authors | Innovation and Research sessions

Is registration required even though we are presenting online?

Yes, the registration is required irrespective of the session you are offered.

What will a poster presentation look like?

The location of the presentation is Amtrium, Aquatech, RAI, Amsterdam, NL (Europaplein 24, 1078 GZ Amsterdam, Netherlands). There will be a hall with A0 size printouts of all selected posters along with their authors to present on all three days from 11.45 to 12.30 hrs CET. The session on all three days will be titled in the program as lunch included poster presentations. Each subtheme will have 5 posters presented within an umbrella topic. We’ll provide the A0 poster template for you to create a poster with.

AIWW will supply the template for the poster presentation by October 2nd, 2021. The selected authors will be required to use the template and send us their posters by October 18th, 2021, 17.00 hrs CEST.

What participants/audience can we expect?

AIWW is expecting a mix audience from NGOs, governments, inter-governmental organisations, educational institutions, research organisations, individuals, professionals, youth, financiers, industrialists, utility technicians, innovators, etc within the water and related field.

How long will I be given as a speaker?

In an online and in-person oral presentation, each speaker will have their presentation followed by question(s) from moderator and participants. In the poster presentation, it is more like presenting to the audience that is interested in your work.

Each author will be given 10-12 minutes for a 3 abstracts-session. Accordingly, the authors are advised to keep 7-8 slides of concrete content to be shared with us by October 18th 2021, 17.00 hrs CEST.

Will the sessions be recorded? Even poster presentations?

Yes, all the sessions will be recorded and shared on the same evening in the application. You can access them via your registration credentials.

How can I enquire information about the visa, invitation letter, accommodation etc?

Please keep updated here:

The contact person regarding content-related enquiries is: Nupur Jain ( and logistics, technical and fee-related enquiries should be directed to Eline Anvik (

We are more than one author interested in presenting the selected paper. Is it possible to get registration done once?

The registration fee and the process is to keep a track on the footfalls and interested participants in the event. Hence the registration will be done per person. One paper can be presented only by one author (the selection of the presenter should be non-contested and within the powers of the authors).

Since there is a fee attached to in-person and poster presentations, can we switch to online mode of presentation?

No, we’ve carefully selected and balanced the speakers for online and in-person sessions. For logistical, substantive and planning reasons we can’t change this selection nor programme.

I will be on my journey on the day you have assigned me the presentation session. Can I change to another session?

If it is necessary and your topic will fit within other session topics without affecting the other authors of that session, then you can put forth your request at and you will be responded with acceptance/rejection of your request before September 30th, 2021.

I haven’t received any updates on my abstract yet? Can you check if I am selected or not?

If you haven’t received any confirmations or acceptance from or then unfortunately your abstract was not selected.

Possible reasons (one or more):
  1. The topic was not fitting within the AIWW sub-thematic focus
  2. Similar topics were submitted by other authors and scientific committee evaluators have made their choice
  3. The decision is the ownership of the scientific committee members involved in the review and we don’t have rights to question them.

Will I get a certificate of presentation, selection, submission?

Yes, that is possible. Please send your request for a certificate to Eline Anvik at

I don’t want to attend all the sessions, I will be travelling from a permissible country just for my presentation. Do I still need to pay the registration fee for all three days?

Yes. We kept our reimbursement of costs very low though, to make it possible for everyone to join.

What is the process of publication of the full paper? Which journal will publish them and when?

We haven’t asked for full papers. We will present selected abstracts on ‘Drinking water related papers’ will receive an invite for a publication in DWES Drinking Water Engineering and Science.