We hope you are as excited as we are to start exploring this year’s theme of ‘Blue-Green Deals with Integrated Solutions’ together with Minister of infrastructure and water management, Barbara Visser, Head of cabinet for First Vice-President of the European...
The first webinar of AIWW 2021 will be based on the topic: Water as a carrier of information: Harnessing the potential of data in digitalization in water. More information on speakers will follow.
The second webinar of AIWW 2021 will be based on the topic: Leveraging the power of collaboration and multi-stakeholder engagement: enablers, challenges and way forward Preliminary speakers will be: Henk Ovink (Special Envoy to United Nations for Water, NL) and...
Opportunities and catalysts for water related challenges. European Investment Bank (EIB) will be part of this session, together with other speakers. More information on this will follow. Juan Bofill- EU Taxonomy for sustainable activities, more information can be found here.
This is the session where we wrap up all the ideas, experiences and initiatives discussed during AIWW2021 and shared in the different sessions together with the Mayor of Rotterdam, Ahmed Aboutaleb, the Director for Quality of Life in DG Environment,...

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