Wetskills-The Netherlands 2021: Finals

Press this link to see the recording of the session.

Join this vibrant session where the next generation water professionals will present out-of-the-box ideas! Since 24 October international participants (both students and young professionals with a passion for water and sustainability) with a diverse backgrounds and experiences worked on out-of-the-box solutions for water and suitability challenges. The mixed and diverse teams will present their ideas in a vibrant and interactive session to an international jury panel and the audience.

The Awarding Ceremony will be organized at networking session of The Future is Water symposium.

This is the 8th Wetskills Challenge in The Netherlands, of which six were organized during the Amsterdam International Water Week, and the 51st Wetskills event worldwide. Since 2010 Wetskills Foundation organized 51 two-week Wetskills Challenge events (for young talents with a passion for water, climate and sustainability) in 25 different countries worldwide. Diverse and inclusive teams of young international talents (more than 950 Alumni) with different backgrounds co-created inspiring out-of-the-box ideas for more than 200 cases on water, climate, and sustainability, contributing to the SDGs and thus a better world.

For more information: www.wetskills.com, @Wetskills (Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Facebook) or info@wetskills.com.

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Event Details