Inclusive Value Chains

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How do you work together with innovative solutions to get a circular water system with resource management which is accepted by all?  

With growing demand for resources and larger impact of our footprints, the need for circularity within our value chains is bigger than ever. This means that we need to make better use of our waste streams. But how do we design such a circular system, including all the parties that are involved throughout the chain? In this online session we delve into the issue with case studies on nutrient recovery, polymer production from wastewater and desalination and reuse of brine. We will discuss the ambitious intentions of a large EU program and how we tackle the challenges.

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TU Delft
Patricia Osseweijer is full professor and Section Leader of “Section Biotechnology and Society. Her drive is to link technological innovation in biobased production with societal challenges to build a sustainable bioeconomy. Research interest focus on integral sustainable design of value chains, impact assessment, the role of values, trust and responsibility in achieving sustainability, stakeholder and public interaction, public opinion forming, novel designs of public communication and their relevance for policy making and ethics. In 2015 she was awarded the Royal Academy of the Netherlands distinguished Lorentz fellowship for integrating social sciences and technology.
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