The role of landscape solutions in mitigating water resources stress

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The session focusses on increasing global pressure on urban water resources exacerbated by climate change and rapid urbanisation. The session will present three case studies at different levels of implementation and scaling on the role of landscape solutions in mitigating water stress. One of the cases is from Vitenam where the mekong delta , a transboundary resource, is facing fresh water challenges due to land subsidence and sea level rise. Second case is from Kenya where water resources challenges coincide with urbanisation, economic development and changing rain patterns. The third case is from Ethiopia where institutional complexities, urbanisation, deforestation and erosion make the communication and decision-making on water resources a challenge. 

These cases will be followed by a discussion and participant interaction through questions and answers.   

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Senior Hydrologist
Acacia Water
Education: Extensive experience in teaching (global change, introduction to hydrology, catchment response analysis, eco-hydrology, soil-vegetation-atmosphere exchange, critical zone hydrology and hydrological modelling, micro-meteorology, python programming, integrated water resources management, etc.) and organising hydrological field courses (instrumentatrion course hydrology, field course hydrology (Portugal)) at BSc and MSc level. Supervising BSc and MSc research projects. Research: Carried out catchment hydrology, micro-meteorology, carbon and nutrient cycling research projects in Malaysia, Fiji, Cameroon, Brazil and Europe. IWRM training projects in the Netherlands, Burkina Faso and Ethiopia SWAT modelling of Dutch and German catchments for water, nutrient and pesticide loads. Agricultural interventions and wetland development scenarios. Specialties: Field hydrology, catchment instrumentation anf hydrology, watershed process studies, surface and groundwater nutrient and DOC exports, hydrochemistry and nutrient cycling, micro-meteorology, tropical forest hydrology, plantation hydrology, hydrological modelling, SWAT and SWAT+ modelling, C and Python programming, web site development and hydrological training.
WASH Advisor at SNV
My role as a Local-YEP is as the WASH Advisor for SNV in providing advisory services - Demonstrating and Up-scaling of an Innovative Sanitation Value Chain for the (Peri)-Urban Low Income Areas project. Follow my projects on: and
Regional Team Leader
Program Manager, WaterWorX program Vietnam, VEI
Regional Director for VEI
Adriaan Mels works as the regional director for VEI BV, a CSR company of the Dutch water utilities Vitens NV and Evides Waterbedrijf NV. VEI is active in international collaboration, supporting performance improvements of urban water utilities in Africa and Asia and contributing to SDG-6. Over the last 10 years, Dr. Mels has initiated and supervised utility improvement programs in a.o. Bangladesh, Colombia, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Kenya, Myanmar, Rwanda, Suriname, Vietnam, and The Philippines. Topics a.o. included leakage reduction, revenue increase, customer service improvements, leadership development and attracting investment finance.
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