Scaling innovative sanitation solutions to accelerate access to safe sanitation

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In the 19th century, Dr. Samuel Sarphati radically improved sanitation and health conditions in Amsterdam by transporting human waste out of the city and selling it to make a profit. With 2.4 billion people lacking basic sanitation and further challenges due to COVID-19, the entrepreneurial spirit of Dr. Sarphati is still urgently needed.

In 2021, Aqua for All, World Waternet and Accenture launched the Sarphati Sanitation Challenge to find sanitation entrepreneurs who can implement commercially viable and scalable sanitation solutions to meet the global sanitation challenge.

The SSC puts the spotlight on sanitation and the need for creativity, sustainability and private capital in the sector. The SSC strives to make tangible impact and accelerate access to sanitation for all through direct support for sanitation businesses, and implementation of winning solutions. 

In this thematical session, we will explore how entrepreneurial solutions can address the global sanitation needs and highlight how the Sarphati Sanitation Challenge is working to bring innovations to market.

We will bring together actors in sanitation, finance, and innovation to explore the potentials and challenges of scaling market-based sanitation, the sanitation business case and the role of collaboration.

Through diverse perspectives, we hope to highlight key gaps within the sanitation economy and bring these outcomes to the Sarphati Sanitation Challenge roundtable at the Integrated Leaders Forum on 4 November.

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  1. Michiel Slotema

    I very much enjoyed the session yesterday. It would be great if i could get a list of the pannelist and speakers yesterday to follow up the discussions.

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