Micropollutants from wastewater – From problem identification to the solution

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Policy Advisor, Wastewater, Aa en Maas
Waterboard Aa en Maas
Maarten Nederlof has a PhD in Environmental Sciences at Wageningen Agricultural University in The Netherlands. He has been active in de water sector for more than 25 years now. He worked as a scientist on water technology at the KWR watercycle research institute, and at Wetsus (European centre of excellence for sustainable water terchnology). He worked as a process engineer for Vitens (the largest drinking water company in he Netherlands) and at present for 6 years now at Waterboard Aa en Maas. His main focus is on the improvement of effluent water quality of waste water treatment plants. Especially regarding nutrients and organic micropollutants, such as pharmaceuticals. He is programme manager of the National Implementation Programme fort he removal of pharmaceuticals out of WWTP effluent.
CTO & Founder
NX Filtration
NX Filtration’s founder Erik Roesink is professor at the University of Twente leading the chair Advanced Membranes for Aqueous Applications. He researches polymeric membranes, including the development of novel membranes and the application of membrane technology for water treatment, membrane bio-reactors and waste water treatment.
Head of the Water Quality Platform
2001-2006 I studied environmental science at ETH Zürich 2006-2011 : PhD: Influenc of agricultural pesticide and urban biocide use on load dynamics in surface watesr (eawag, aquatic research Institute / ETH) 2011-2015: Project work: Development of a method for diffuse micoropollutant inputs to surface waters Since 2015: leader of the platform waterquality (www.waterquality.ch)
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