Risk-informed financial mechanisms for water challenges

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Opportunities and catalysts for water related challenges.

European Investment Bank (EIB) will be part of this session, together with other speakers. More information on this will follow.

Juan Bofill- EU Taxonomy for sustainable activities, more information can be found here.

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Director, Engagement Services
Dayna Linley-Jones is a Stewardship Services Director at Sustainalytics. Since 2008, she has had various roles at Sustainalytics, a provider of high-quality, analytical environmental, social and governance (ESG) research, ratings and data to institutional investors and companies. She currently leads the Localized Water Management thematic engagement where she dialogues with corporates operating in a shared water basin, on behalf of investors. In her previous roles, she was responsible for overseeing ESG ratings research, ensuring quality assurance and conducting best-of-sector analysis. In 2012 and 2013, Dayna was named best Environmental and Social Analyst in the Independent Research in Responsible Investment (IRRI) Survey.​ Her previous experience spans corporate policy writing, environmental auditing and hydrogeology-focused consulting.
Programme Lead Financing Water
Lead OECD's work on financing water-related investment, including the Roundtable on Financing Water - a global public-private platform to scale up action and financing for investments that contribute to water security and sustainable growth. Frequent speaker on topics related to water economics, finance and policy. Faculty member of the Paris School of International Affairs at Sciences Po teaching a course on finance and investment for water security.
Senior Water Engineer
European Investment Bank
Juan Bofill is a senior water engineer in the water management division of European Investment Bank since 2016. Before this he led the Area 2 division in Eastern Europe for Waste water treatment plants, drinking water treatment plants, sewage network and has successfully commissioned several projects. He was also a Technical Director for La Peraleja Golf SL where he managed water supply and waste water networks, water reservoirs, storm water systems and waste water treatment plants. He has over 22 years of experience in the fieldk
CEO Nijhuis Industries Holding BV, CEO and Founder of Naesta Holding, Board Member Netherlands Water Partnership and Member Advisory Board World Waternet
World Waternet
Current Position: CEO Nijhuis Industries Holding BV, CEO and Founder of Naesta Holding, Board Member Netherlands Water Partnership and Member Advisory Board World Waternet. Profile: In order to strengthen Nijhuis’ state-of-the-art technology portfolio and its presence in emerging markets, Excellent Ozone Solutions in the Netherlands and H2OK Water & Energy in the UK were successfully acquired and integrated within the group. Together with Sales & Service Centers in the USA, Colombia, UK, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Dubai, China and Singapore and a global network of dedicated (OEM) partners solid solutions are offered to industrial, agricultural and municipal clients turning cost centers into profit centers. In 2012 Menno started a new venture, together with Ronald Ruijtenberg: “Naesta” aiming to built another leading international water technology platform. Naesta is the first ever industrial private equity company, headquartered in the Netherlands, dedicated to grow water technology companies, focusing on the water – energy – waste & food nexus. Prior to this, he was the Chief Executive Officer for Norit Clean Process Technologies. As part of CEO of Norit Clean Process Technologies, he helped its global customers to become more sustainable by doing “more with less”. The “Best Water Technology Company” awarded by Global Water Intelligence in April 2011 was a recognition of Norit’s reputation for innovation and successful commercialization of disruptive technologies like ultrafiltration membranes. In May 2011 Pentair Inc successfully acquired Norit’s Clean Process Technology Holding. In 2007 he was been appointed a Chief Growth Officer (CGO) and Member of the Executive Board of Directors of Norit NV. Next to achieving the ambitious growth targets of the Norit Group he was responsible for all the global Norit Sales & Service Centers, Corporate Marketing and Communication and business development. He served as Chairman of the Netherlands Water Technology Innovation Board and member of the Taskforce of the European Innovation Program. He has a Masters degree in Naval Architecture & Marine Technology from Delft University of Technology. He has also occupied several management positions in the Netherlands, Slovakia and Papua New Guinea. Expertise: global (waste)water, food and beverage, circular and resilient water environment, sustainable development, water – energy – waste & food nexus, sustainable water use and resource recovery, environmental and water footprint, improving production efficiency and lowering lifecycle cost.
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