Afsluitdijk and climate resilience

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Moderators of this session: Henk Ovink (Special Envoy for International Water Affairs)

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Project Director
Jelle Mens earned his stripes in marine engineering by heading several branch offices of Van Oord all over the world and managing a variety of large complex dredging projects. He has been working in the industry for over 40 years and gained extensive knowledge of projects containing rock work, construction of shore protections, groynes, breakwaters and dike revetments. As Project Director, Jelle is now managing the reinforcement of the Afsluitdijk on behalf of combination Levvel.
Head of
Coastal Engineering and Water Management department
Bas Reedijk has 33 years of experience in design of marine structures and is Head of DMC’s Coastal engineering and Water Management department. Bas innovates by combining out-of-the-box-thinking with a practical hand-on mentality. He is the inventor of the original Xbloc and was involved in multiple innovations such as the BoxBarrier and Xstream. Bas won the Dutch Engineer of the Year 2020 award as a recognition for the many creative and innovative solutions he has generated.
Ambassador for Water, Special Envoy for International Water Affairs
Special Envoy for International Water Affairs
Henk Ovink was appointed by the Cabinet of the Netherlands as the first Special Envoy for International Water Affairs in 2015. As the Ambassador for Water, he is responsible for advocating water awareness around the world, focusing on building institutional capacity and coalitions among governments, multilateral organisations, the private sector and NGOs to address the world’s pressing water needs and help initiate transformative interventions.
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