About Us

The Amsterdam International Water Web (AIWW) is a global movement towards a sustainable water environment.

AIWW Activities

To make a true impact on our goals, aligned with the United Nations’ SDG’s, AIWW brings together leaders and experts to discuss integrated solutions, new paths and coalitions. Our points of contact and interaction (besides this website) are:

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Amsterdam Agreements

An Amsterdam Agreement (AA) is a formal commitment between international experts from cities, industries and utilities worldwide, aligned with our goals and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Each AA is focused on solving water-related issues through collaboration, cooperation and knowledge. The agreements help turning policy into practice.

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AIWW Global Inventory

The AIWW Global Inventory for Blue Green Good Practices and Integrated Solutions (GIBSIS) shares insights and cases, that help us achieving our goals. GIBSIS is a space for knowledge exchange, with increased accessibility to practices, solutions and implementation experiences. Click here to share your good practices.